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  1. Page speed SEO “Start Here” Part 1
  2. Page speed SEO – Setup free Cloudflare DNS
  3. Page Speed SEO – Nginx varnish php https for SEO

OK Now you have all the information you need,  let’s get on with it!

Page Speed SEO – Free Digital Ocean Setup

The first step to sub 2 second page load times and Vastly improved page speed SEO standards is to get you free server from Digital Ocean. click here.


To follow the complete visual setup then you can see the video below which goes through the full setup process, step by step.

I chose Digital ocean because its the best host I have seen ever.  Its server droplets are billed at a per hour rate which means you only get billed for what you use.  you can up the ram and drive space at any time without affecting your server.

For search engine optimisation it is imperative that you serve your visitors their requests within 2 seconds.  Page load times are critical to success and should be the first on your list of white hat SEO things to do.


if you use the link provided Here you will be entitled to $10 free credit from digital Ocean.  You will not be billed until you have used all the $10 dollars.  Credit card or debit card is taken to put on file only.  Servers can be canceled at any time without any strings.

Once you have signed up with Digital Ocean then go ahead and log in. You will be presented with a page like this.

Setup digital ocean for page speed billing


Do not panic, Your card will not be charged and it does not matter even if you bank ballance is zero.  This is only stored on Digital Ocean for when you finished the $10 credit.

Next in the page speed SEO tutorial, you will create your first droplet on Digital Ocean.  A droplet is space on a gigantic server. The benefits of using a droplet are that you can upgrade or downgrade ram and drive space without resetting your server.

When you see this page click the button “Create Droplet”

Setup digital ocean for page speed - Create new Droplet

Next, you will choose your server operating system, For page speed SEO Choose Ubuntu 16.04,  This is required to follow this complete tutorial.

Setup digital ocean for page speed - ubuntu 16.04

Now you need to choose which server to use, Remember if you used the signup link from this tutorial you will be entitled to $10 free credit.  Me personally I use a $5 a month droplet and its works perfectly with the exact settings I show in this tutorial.

So for the sake of this Page speed for SEO tutorial, we will use the $5 a month server.

Setup digital ocean for page speed - 5 doller server

If you choose the $5 a month server and you used the signup link from this page speed article then you will not be billed for 2 months. After 2 months you will need to top-up your digital ocean credit account.

Now you need to decide the location of your new server,  I choose New York as I feel it is closer to my audience but really this does not matter due to the fact that we will be using Cloudflare CDN.  So if you are like me then choose New York, but it’s totally up to you.

Setup digital ocean for page speed - server region

To achieve 100% in Gmetrix I use some proxy passes for external javascript files in Nginx such as Google Analytics, to do this you need to have ipv6 on your domain so make sure to tick ipv6

Setup digital ocean for page speed - ipv6

The next step is to name your server, for ease I changed this to hobbydabber as this is the domain name and makes it easy for me to keep track of.  You can change this to whatever you want alternatively you can keep it as it is.

Setup digital ocean for page speed - Server name

Click the Create button then your server will be created, The next step is to go check your email for server login details

Setup digital ocean for page speed Email

From the email copy the ip address and then open PuTTy,  If you do not have PuTTy then you can get it from here

Once you have PuTTy then open it and copy the ip address from the email and past it into Putty, as shown below. Then click open

Setup digital ocean for page speed Putty part1

After you click open the first thing you will see is a warning, just click “yes” and continue to PuTTy

Setup digital ocean for page speed Putty part 2

The login username for ssh PuTTy is “root” so enter root into PuTTy as shown in the image below then press enter.

Setup digital ocean for page speed, putty part 3

Now you will be asked for your password, go back to the email from Digital Ocean and copy the password.  To paste into PuTTy just left click in Putty then right click on the mouse.  This will paste the text you copied, Then hit Enter.

Setup digital ocean for page speed Putty part 4

Please note, Passwords on PuTTy will not be displayed to you,  this is for security but be sure if you right clicked on the mouse then the password will be pasted even if you do not see it.

Now as this is the first time logging into your new server via SSH you will be required to change your password.  The first step is to give the current password again so just right click in PuTTy then hit enter.

Setup digital ocean for page speed Putty part 5

Next you will be prompted to enter a new password, Use your keyboard and type your new password. Remember you will not see the password but just know that what you type will be imputed as your password.

Setup digital ocean for page speed Putty part 6

You will now need to confirm your new password, Go ahead and type your new password again.

Setup digital ocean for page speed Putty part 7

You have now completed the signup and setup of SSH access to your server.  You should now see something like shown in the image below.

Setup digital ocean for page speed Putty part 8


Thats concludes Step 1 of this page speed for white hat seo tutorial



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