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by Mal Tonge


White Hat SEO 2018 Strategies, Techniques

White hat SEO 2018 tutorial From Seo devs

White hat SEO and the ability to change search results for the better has been around since the beginning of the web. However, SEO techniques and strategies have changed and will continue to change over time. Can You Really afford to skip this article?  If you answered yes then no hard feelings and I wish you the best of luck. for those who answered no, Keep Reading for the most up to date White Hat SEO tactics 2018

White Hat Seo in 2018



Page Speed.


This one is critical for SEO in 2018. For you to succeed on the web and keep visitors coming back for more your first course of action is to speed up your website. You need to make sure you catch every single person who clicks on your site.

To get the most out of your site the first and most critical step in creating a successful white hat SEO (search engine optimized) Focused website is to have a speedy server.  if you have a slow server then all other aspects of SEO go out of the window.   You can have a great looking website with really great content but if your server is slow, people will leave just as quickly as they clicked.  I suggest digitalocean.com all have ssd and if you use the link you will get $10 free.  This will get you 2 months using the same server droplet  as I use!

Server Software for white hat seo 2018

Nginx is the way forward in 2018 and with FastCGI PHP-fpm it really does help the performance of your site and boost your SEO

SEO Server Boost List.

  1. Nginx
  2. php7.1
  3. Percona or MariaDB with InnoDB tables
  4. Varnish
  5. Redis

Boost your white hat SEO potential in 2018 by installing the above server software.  The above software will reduce your page-load times dramatically which will help keep visitors clicking and converting.

If you are looking for a WordPress cache plugin to increase SEO performance to go along with your server setup then choose W3 Total Cache.  It’s the best for this server setup.  Read my full server setup guide here.  Page Speed For SEO opens in new tab.

SEO TIP No 2: Social Media – Share as you create.

SEO Social networking is one of the most rewarding ways to increase traffic and conversions on your site.  Increase traffic from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, pinterest, Reddit and boost your SEO rankings at the same time.

Create social networks before creating content on your website!

by doing this you can share your content as it’s created.  This will bring more likes more subscribers more views and more conversions.

By sharing as you create you ensure the full value of your posts is truly appreciated.   If you create lots of content and then share it all at once then the chances are only the top 1 or 2 shares will be seen,  the rest of your shares will sit at the bottom of your social page forever, never to be seen.  so tip number 2 for white hat SEO 2018 is to share as you create.  Once you have created all your social networks then you are ready to move onto SEO tip number 3.

SEO TIP No 3: Research Your Competitors.

It pays to keep your friends close but make sure to keep your enemies closer.

You need to know everything there is to know about your competitors,  your competitors hold telling signs that can help vastly improve your website and your conversions.  Things like page rank, targeted keywords, targeted countries, Hierarchy, social awareness, titles and tags, backlinks, All of which factor into your decision when it comes to keyword planning.  You need to work out what keywords are going to give high SEO value to your site and the ones that will keep you trying for years with no results.  Long tail keywords are formidable renowned as an easy entrance into to the search rankings.  Search engines like Google Bing and Yahoo know only to well about the power of long tail keywords and how they can be used to manipulate search engine rankings.

Long Tail Keywords Are Responsible for over 70% Of Searches

White Hat Seo With Long Tail Keywords.

Are you still trying to rank for single keywords?  if so then you need a wake-up call,  and here its is.  Long gone are the days of single keywords, the only people who search single keywords nowadays are for an exact company name like eBay,  Microsoft, youtube.  these single keywords are dead.  even a search term like shoes will be near impossible to get high search rankings fast,  however, men’s brown shoe’s size 9 is much easier to hit the high time with.

Another example of using long tail keywords is to add power keywords along with your long tail keywords, Here’s an example. men’s brown shoes size 9 Free delivery.  Free Delivery is a power keyword that can be used to add weight to your long tail keywords.  people often search free delivery when searching for a product so make sure to include power words in titles and content.

“White Hat SEO TIP No 4:  3000 words for White Hat SEO”

Your Page Content for Rich White Hat Seo, Studies show that content of up to 3 thousand words ranks best,  why is this I hear you ask.  Well, The fact of the matter is the main ranking weight goes to user interactions.  if your page has 20 words on it then visitors will leave fairly quick this will increase bounce rate and will for sure lower your Seo search rankings.  However, a page with 3 thousand words takes some time to read and if the content is of good quality and strategically marketed throughout your site then visitors will stay longer and will most likely remember you.  The happier you keep your visitors the happier google will be with you.  high bounce rate is not penalised by Google, however, Google does reward sites with low bounce rate.  Keep bounce rate to a minimum and keep Google happy.

“White Hat SEO TIP No 5:  SSL Security”

SSL is a must for white hat SEO,  although it does not bring any added benefit from Search Engine rankings, however, help keep visitors on your website for longer.  A little Green padlock saying secure in your visitor’s web browser adds trust from the minute they land on your website.  A website without SSL will show a little “i” for information when clicked, it will display a message stating that the site is not secure and not to enter any information on the site.  This is not what you want and people will inevitably leave just as quick as they arrived.  So make sure to get SSL Security.  You can now get SSL certificates for free using LetsEncrypt,  make sure to also Encrypt the certificate even further to 2048bit Encryption.

“White Hat SEO TIP No 6:  Clean Coding”

Make sure to keep code clean and tidy.  bad code or old code can bring all sorts of mayhem to your site in the future.  Not to mention the security risks from using old outdated code.  keep CSS and Javascript down to a minimum,  If you are using a theme for your website and the theme has options that you do not use the code will still exist within your CSS and Javascript this leads to the unnecessary rendering of unused code.

Keep your website code clean.

“White Hat SEO TIP No 7:  Image Compression”

  1. compress all images prior to uploading,  use a software like caesium to compress images,  this along with the server software page-speed module will bring your image size down by at least 90%. info Images are one of the best ways to keep your visitors on your website after they have landed. Don’t allow poorly optimized images to slow your website down.  Remember page speed is key!

“White Hat SEO TIP No 8:  Image Meta Data”

  1. image meta data,  Images also include data,  if you right click any image on a windows machine and go to properties then to the details tab,  you will see information regarding your image,  This includes title, category, ratings with stars, author, copyright info and so on.  you should fill this in before uploading and use SEO targeted text that is appropriate for the post/page the image is being uploaded to.

“White Hat SEO TIP No 9: Schema Markup”

  1. Schema Markup,  Schema is a way for you to add rich snippets from your site into the search engine results,  Things like rating stars or author images and site search are to name a few.  You have seen them before in google when searching a product,  it shows the star rating along side the results.  This is where you need to be at.  Google does not include every schema markup from every site, however, after you have finished this guide your links will be sitting high up in google so ensure that schema markup will be added to your results in time. Patience is key.

“White Hat SEO TIP No 10:  Show Responsibility”

Pages like contact us, terms and conditions, returns policy, privacy policy all add weight to your cause.  Search Engines like to know that people they send to your site will be looked after on your website.  The pages mentioned show Google that you are serious about legal matters and that you give all information possible regarding your visitor’s interaction with your website and company as a whole.

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